Electrical Safety – 6 Tips on Wiring Maintenance


electricianYour home has this network of electrical wirings that are connected to the mainline. You may not see much of them, but they do work in the background every time you flick a switch or plug in your phone to the wall outlet. Although your electrical wiring may seem like it could work indefinitely, they do need some form of maintenance to keep them in working order. If you haven’t had any maintenance or inspection done on your home’s electrical wiring, it might be time you call an electrician over. Here are some reasons why you should always have your electrical wiring maintained.

Wiring maintenance plays a huge role in electrical safety

Despite lasting years without fail, your home’s electrical wiring must be maintained regularly. It runs throughout your entire property and it should be working as intended at all times. Of course, to make it last long, it should be kept in pristine condition. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Do frequent testing and inspection – for relatively new homes, this won’t be necessary. However, for older homes, it is a must. It’s also recommended to have an inspection done if you just moved into the home. A home that hasn’t had any wiring inspection done for the last 15 years is prone to electrical problems. It should be done to ensure that everything will be working as intended.
  1. Don’t skimp on the good wires – buying cheap isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’re buying wiring for your home. Cheaper wires may have thinner insulation or substandard copper inside them. Always consult your Wilmington electrician when buying electrical wiring.
  1. Never do DIY electrical work – even if you have some experience working with electrical wiring, it is not recommended to do your own electrical work, especially with repairs. Regardless of the size of the electrical task, it is always a good idea to consult an electrician first. This is not to discredit the skills of a DIYer but rather a precaution and safety measure.
  1. Never overload an outlet – one wall outlet is rated for a specific load. Despite having a number of sockets, a wall outlet is only intended for light loads. Using an extension cord and plugging in a number of appliances at once is not a good idea. This could cause an overload or worse, a fire.
  1. Go for replacements than repair – this is mostly intended for older homes. If some areas of your home have bad wiring, don’t just go for repairs. Instead, have the wiring in that particular area replaced. During inspection, tell the residential electrician to have all bad wiring replaced instead of just repairing them. Although it may set you back a little but it will most definitely save your life.
  1. Don’t forget wiring maintenance – it’s easy for the average homeowner to forget about wiring maintenance. They don’t usually go bad in just a few years. Wiring, especially the better brands, can last upwards of a decade without experiencing issues. However, with constant use throughout the years, wiring may incur issues that need to be addressed and can only be found through inspection and maintenance.

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