Awesome Lighting Ideas For Your Deck

electricianThere’s no better place to hang out on a weekend with your friends and family for a barbeque than on your deck. However, how is a deck at night without proper lighting? It would be pretty boring if you didn’t have the right kind of light in the right place. Aside from the usual décor for your deck, you should pick up the right lights. Have your electrician over and let him know about your lighting ideas. Despite having some DIY skills, it’s better to leave electrical tasks alone to electricians. They know what to do and it would be safer to have them do it than undertaking the task yourself.  Here are some lighting ideas for your deck that would spruce up your place at night.

Always consult an electrician especially if your project deals with installing outdoor lights

Deck stair lighting – don’t you just hate it when you go over to your kitchen to grab some food and you have to go down your deck stairs with poor or no lighting at all? Aside from poor visuals, having little to no lighting for your stairs would be disastrous. It’s just an accident waiting to happen. The lights to be installed for your stairs are typically recessed. You should give your electrician in Wilmington a call to help with this project.

Low-voltage deck lighting – lights normally require at least 120 volts to power on. However, this shouldn’t be the case for your deck. There are energy-efficient lighting options that you could choose from. Instead of the traditional bulbs, use LED lights that consume less power and can be hooked up to a 12 volt power source. Aside from consuming less electricity, LED lights are also far brighter and can be controlled by a dimmer switch if you want to go fancy.

Solar deck lights – if you want to go off-grid with your deck lights, you could always go solar. Nowadays, solar technology is easily accessible and it’s widely in the market. Aside from being readily available, solar deck lights can save you a lot of money in the long run. You don’t need electricity from the power grid to keep your lights going. As long as the sun rises during the day, you can expect your deck lights to shine at night and the cycle simply continues every day.

Recessed deck lights – you often see recessed lights indoors. They are not typically found outdoors. However, with today’s technology and diverse products, you can install recessed lights directly onto your deck. Of course, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of recessed lighting if you don’t hire a residential electrician for the job. The average cost of recessed lighting is around $20-150 but you can always find cheaper options.

Deck lights are great for parties and some nights when you just want to hang out and have a beer outside. Having the right illumination and the right spots make huge differences when it comes to the entire experience of spending the evening at your deck. And of course, hire an electrician when you want to install the lights. It’s an easier option and it’s much safer too.

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