Basic Electrical Tasks For Homeowners

electricianWhenever there is a need for major electrical upgrades homeowners rely on their local electrician. However, it should be noted that there are instances wherein the homeowner doesn’t need to call in a professional electrician. Installing lighting fixtures, adding light bulbs, or perhaps adding a wall outlet can be done with basic tools and a little DIY. These tasks normally take a few minutes to an hour at most if you’re not that familiar. However, even with these minor electrical tasks, safety should be the first priority. Here are some basic electrical tasks and how to do them:

Tasks normally done by electricians that you can do at home

  1. Installing a lighting fixture – if you’re a fan of weekend projects, installing lighting fixtures will be easy for you. There are a number of steps involved that are quite easy to follow. Here are the things that you should do:
  • Shut off the power – normally, you can cut the power from the wires you are about to work with simply by flicking the switch. However, this is not always the safest way. It should be common practice to turn the power off from the service panel. Inside the service panel box is a number of circuit breakers that are connected to different areas of the house including lighting fixtures.
  • Connect wires to fixture – the wires should be sticking out from a hole on the ceiling. Connect the necessary wires to the fixture. The wires and fixture have indications on which wire goes where.
  • Attach the fixture to the ceiling – normally, the fixture can be screwed in place easily. After you have secured it in place, add a light bulb. Carefully inspect everything. Turn the breaker back on and flick the switch to see if the bulb lights up or not.
  1. Adding a wall outlet – this task is more for the intermediate DIYer. It requires some knowledge about wirings and installing outlets on a wall. It would be better if you hire an electrician in Wilmington if you are unsure how to proceed. Here are some steps that would give you an idea of how this process is done:
  • Shut off power – as with other electrical tasks, shutting off the power is the first thing to do unless power is needed.
  • Prepare the cables – cables need to be fed and routed from a junction box then to the area where the outlet will be situated.
  • Stripping the wires – the wires need to be stripped and prepared for the best contact possible.
  • Attaching wires – after stripping the wires, it should be placed and secured accordingly.
  • Adding the outlet to the box – after the wires have been properly attached, it should be inserted into the box and add the faceplate after

In general, there are electrical tasks that call for a residential electrician and there are those that don’t. Although it is great for DIYers to tackle smaller projects, it still comes with risks. If you have little to no electrical knowledge, it is best to hire experts for the job.

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