At What Point Should You Call On An Emergency Electrician?

emergency electricianHow do you respond when there’s a sudden electrical problem at home in the middle of the night? How about when your circuit breaker keeps tripping? These are just some of the few situations that you will need an emergency electrician for. When you encounter any kind of electrical problem at home, you should call an electrician. For emergencies, however, you will need quick action and that’s when you call an emergency electrician.

The following are instances where you would need to call an emergency electrician:

When your home is flooded

You might think that what you need when you come home to a flooded basement is a plumber. Calling a plumber over is the most sensible thing to do. While it is correct to call a plumber, you should also call in an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC when you find that some electrical outlets and other electrical components have been water damaged. It is necessary to call in an electrical expert once the water has been drained. This is to ensure that it is safe to turn the power to your basement without the fear of being electrocuted.

Your outlets are heating up or smoking

Electrical outlets are not supposed to heat up or smoke when in use. However, there may be instances wherein you could find the electrical outlets emitting smoke. When you notice this, be sure to contact an electrician right away. Unplug whatever it plugged in and see if the smoke disappears. Never try to douse the electrical outlet with water. Simply wait for the electrician to arrive and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Buzzing sounds from lights and other sources

Do you hear buzzing sounds when you turn on the lights? How about when you flick a switch? Either way, you should not hear any buzzing noises or strange sounds when you turn on the lights or use any kind of electrical appliances unless it is designed in such a way. When you do notice strange noises, call an electrician right away. Usually, these sounds are signs that something is off and that electrical repair is needed.

Your lights go out

When the lights go out, it could be due to a number of reasons. One, there’s a power outage in your area. However, it will be evident if it were the case. Second, your electric panel might have some issues. Circuit breakers might have been tripped. Lastly, there might be a problem with your electrical wiring. Either way, you should call in an expert like WHS Electricians LLC to come and fix the issue.

Circuit breakers keep tripping

It’s a good thing when your circuit breakers trip. They are design in such a way to help prevent catastrophic outcomes. However, when your circuit breakers are tripping more than what it intended to, you should call an electrician. Don’t delay the repairs. Something with your electrical wiring or appliances may be at fault.

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