Understanding The Different Types Of Electrical Wiring

electricianNot all electrical wiring is the same. In a regular household, there are numerous types of electrical wires being used. They differ in size to accommodate the various electrical needs inside a house. An electrician will also use different methods to install the wires. The particular type of installation will vary depending on the type of application. It is important to understand the types of electrical wiring. Not only will you be informed, but you can also do your own quick electrical repair tasks if you know how they work.

The types of household electrical wiring

Cleat wiring

This is a dated type of wiring system and is no longer in use. Electrical wires are held in place with the use of cleats. Most of the time, the wires will be exposed for easy access. Although this type of wiring is easy for a Wilmington electrician to set up, cost-effective, and can be quickly serviced, it has a number of drawbacks. This type of wiring is not suitable for permanent installations due to the loose-fitting of the wires. This system also runs the risk of people getting electrocuted because of the exposed wires.

Batten wiring

Batten wiring is also among the older types of wiring systems. It is easy to set up since wires will be attached to a wooden batten. The batten could also be made out of plastic. However, this system cannot hold heavier cables in place. It is best suited for light applications. On the other hand, making repairs is quite easy since the electrical wiring can be quickly accessed.

Conduit wiring

Unlike the first two types of electrical wiring, conduit wiring is safer and is designed to keep moisture away from the electrical wires. Conduits can either be made from metal or plastics. However, this system is expensive due to the nature of the installation. The process of installing conduit wiring is best left to a professional like WHS Electricians LLC. In general, this type of wiring system is very safe. On the other hand, proper grounding is necessary to avoid electrocution.

Concealed wiring

This type of wiring is quite similar to conduit wiring. The only difference is that concealed wiring is installed in between the walls. This makes the installation more complicated. The wires must be passed through the pipes in the walls and should be installed accordingly. Repairs and upgrades will be much harder since it will require the removal of many parts even removing sections of the wall.

When dealing with electrical wiring, your safest option is to have an electrician handle it. While you can perform minor electrical repairs, dealing with household electrical tasks is something that should be left to the professionals. It is a tricky process. Other than that, there are local codes that need to be followed when installing household electrical wiring. Only a licensed electrician can fully comply with all the local regulations.

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