Electrical Safety 101 – Whole-House Surge Protection

surge protectionIn certain areas, electrical surges are not as common. However, it is no reason why you should skip the idea of having whole-house surge protection. It would cost you more to have it installed throughout your home, though. On the other hand, the benefits will still outweigh the cost. There are also a number of safety benefits to consider as well. Here are a number of reasons why you should consider the idea of adding surge protection to your entire home:

Surge protection basically acts as a barrier that prevents sudden electrical spikes

Before you call in your local residential electrician to have surge protection installed inside your home, it would be best to understand what they really are.

How do surge protectors work?

There are different types of surge protectors. Some smaller variants of this electrical safety feature are installed on extension cords or are built into some household appliances. The problem with stand-alone applications of surge protection devices is that they are limited to a few components only. That means when a bolt of lightning hits your home, only a few appliances would be salvaged. It’s not going to protect the entire house. Whole-house surge protectors, on the other hand, is wired indirectly to the main electric panel. This helps in preventing electrical surges from damaging the rest of the household’s electrical components.

What do surge protectors do?

During power outages, lightning strikes, or simple fluctuation in the electrical lines, electrical surges are created. These electrical surges can have a devastating impact on household appliances and other gadgets that plug directly onto the wall outlet. Without surge protectors, these electrical surges can fry the internal circuits of appliances and gadgets in a second, damaging them or rendering them useless.

What are the limitations of surge protectors?

While having surge protection inside your home sounds like a good idea by now, it is also good to note its limitations. Surge protectors can only do so much. When it comes to immense electrical surges, the surge protector could potentially block all of the electricity. However, there is still a possibility that the surge could still seep through if it’s not good enough or if it is improperly installed. In such instances, it would be best to call in an emergency electrician in Wilmington for help. In most instances, surge protectors are useful in certain scenarios. But when they fail, you may need to call a professional electrician immediately.

Why should you hire a professional electricians?

Hiring a professional electrician is the most sensible thing to do when it comes to surge protection. Adding whole-house surge protection is not an electrical task that you could do by yourself. It would require skill and knowledge to properly install surge protection for your home. Other than that, DIY electrical repairs or upgrades will also compromise the electrical safety within your home. To avoid inconvenient situations, always hire a professional electrician whenever dealing with any electrical tasks inside your home.

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