Electrician: The Different Types

electricianWhen people talk about electricians, they mainly generalize the profession. Basically, all professional electricians have the capacity to install, repair, maintain, and or upgrade electrical systems, devices, and many more. However, there’s more to being an electrician than you might have known. There are different categories of the electrical profession that determine their field of expertise and specialization. It would benefit everyone to know the different types of electricians, the services they offer, and the scope of their capacity. Here are the most common types:

The four types of electricians

Residential electrician – as the name suggests, these electricians are responsible for residential applications. A residential electrician is what you would normally call when you have issues with lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, or your electrical system in general. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are not capable of doing industrial tasks, though. Despite specializing in electrical applications for residential areas, electricians can work in various fields.

Commercial electrician – as you might imagine, commercial electricians work in a commercial environment. Their working environment is completely different than those of residential electricians. Other than that, their responsibilities are on a different scale. Since commercial electricians deal with applications that are being used by the general public, they need to adhere to various safety codes. Aside from this, a potential commercial electrician must first be under the apprenticeship of a master electrician before he or she is assigned the post.

Journeymen electrician – the work that journeymen electrician deal with involves mechanical connections, power supplies, lighting installation, and installation tasks for both security and communication systems. Journeymen electricians are also capable of working on overhead power lines. To become a journeymen electrician, the electrician in Wilmington must first undergo apprenticeship and pass a certification.

Master electrician – in general, a master electrician is a highly skilled and qualified electrician that mainly works either supervisory roles or have a contracting business of their own. In most states, electricians are required to have seven-year working experience or a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering before they could be certified to become a master electrician. Unlike the other types of electricians, master electricians must possess managerial skills. This is necessary to ensure that they are capable of handling other electricians.

Hiring professional electricians

When you need electrical work done in your home, you should always hire a professional electrician. As indicated in the article, electricians go through years of training before they could be truly called an electrician. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your electrical needs will be met if you hire a professional electrician. Companies like WHS Electricians LLC have the best electricians in the Wilmington area. Always remember that electrical repairs, installation, upgrade, and maintenance are vital for every home. Leaving these tasks to untrained people is highly discouraged. Electrical work alone is complicated. Other than that, electrical work needs to be in accordance with the local guidelines. Unless the person working on your electrical system is a professional electrician, your system could be at risk.

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