What Are Emergency Electrician Service Tips For The Summer Months?

emergency electricianSummer is here and everyone is wanting a piece of the action. While it can be tempting to bring your gadgets along with you to the beach or pool, bear in mind that electricity and water don’t mix and it won’t end well for you either. If you ask your local emergency electrician, you’d get a handful of advice against being reckless with electricity or any appliances that are powered by it. If you are hitting the pool with your family or friends, be sure to keep these electrical safety tips in mind.

Things your emergency electrician would warn you about:

Be sure to keep electronics away from water

It is never a good thing to bring electronics near water unless they have splash-proof or any kind of waterproofing certifications. While you could move the electronics a little farther away, you can’t really be completely sure that nothing bad is going to happen. A pool party with kids isn’t going to be a dull event. Even adults can be a bit rowdy at times and get water everywhere. With that said, be extra careful with electronics and handle them properly whenever near water. For emergencies, call an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC right away.

Upgrade to GFCI outlets

If you plan to host a lot of outdoor parties this summer, you might want to upgrade your electrical outlets. Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets or GFCIs prevents you from being seriously electrocuted when there are ground faults. You could say that you could feel a little bit of shock but not enough that it could cause you any harm. GFCIs are great for outdoor applications since they cut power whenever there’s an imbalance or excess current flow.

Only use outdoor-rated extension cords

Extension cords vary a lot. There are short and long ones. You can also find extension cords with really thick insulation. When you are planning to have an outdoor party, be sure to use an extension cord rater for outdoor usage. Never use one that is intended to be used only indoors. You could ask WHS Electricians LLC for more information regarding extension cords.

Be sure to stay away from power lines

A popular thing to do during summer is flying kites. While it can be fun to watch kits go higher, be sure that you do it in a location with no power lines. Electricity could jump from the power lines down to the string and into your body really quickly. To avoid electrocution while flying a kite, do it in a safe, open area.

Be mindful of the weather

If you host an outdoor party, be mindful of the weather. Summer storms come and go really quick. The weather could change a lot during the summer. Be sure that all electronics are water-resistant as well as your electrical outlets.

Do not overload your system

It could be tempting to plug multiple appliances into one electrical outlet during the summer. However, it is not a good thing to overload the system. Be sure that you only plugin enough appliances and avoid running everything at the same time.

Should you need the services of an emergency electrician, call WHS Electricians LLC. You may reach us at (910) 408-5448.

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