Ensuring Your Home’s Electrical System Is Up To Standard

electricianIf your home is relatively old, just recently purchased, or you’re experiencing electrical issues, you might need to hire an electrician and have an electrical inspection soon. Your home’s electrical system might not be up to standards anymore. In fact, your home could already be in violation of a number of housing codes. According to the National Association of Home Builders, electrical deficiencies ranked as one of the most common code violations among households. So how do you prevent these violations? How can you keep up with these codes? Read on to gain insight on what you should do.

Ensuring electrical safety is among the reasons why it’s important to keep up to codes

There’s nothing illegal about not being completely compliant with all the codes. However, there are some codes that must be followed. For instance, your home’s electrical wiring should be up to standards. If not, you could be putting yourself and your family in serious risk. Here are some instances where you will need an electrical inspection done by your local electrician in Wilmington:

  • When your home is more than four decades old
  • When you’re buying or selling a home that had its electrical system altered by non-professionals
  • Completion of remodeling or home addition projects
  • When your outlets are two-pronged and ungrounded

There are a number of common code violations that should be addressed immediately. Some of them may not seem to be dangerous, however, if they violate the code, it could be a potential risk. Here are some of the common building code violations that you should watch out for. If you find any in your home, have your residential electrician check it out and have it fixed before it becomes a problem.

  1. Knob-and-tube wiring – what was once considered a state-of-the-art technology is now a remnant of the past. However, it’s still being used in older homes and buildings to this date. Aside from not being grounded, this type of wiring supports a lower electricity rate than its newer counterparts. Also, the insulation covering these wires have gradually deteriorated, making them a possible cause for short circuits and house fires.
  1. Illegal splices – splicing wires is quite common. However, it’s not all the time that they are legal. The type of legal splices are done inside the junction box and performed using a specific and tried method. Other splices outside the junction box are considered illegal and could potentially be harmful.
  1. Overcrowded wires – it’s not a good idea to cram quite a number of wires into one tight space. Overcrowding wires is just a major fire risk.
  1. Using old wiring for old fixtures – your lights and fixtures might be new but are your wirings up to date as well? Using old wiring for newer lighting fixtures isn’t such a good idea. You have no way to tell whether the wires you are using are still good for the job and will last long without being damaged.

It’s quite important to keep your home’s electrical system up to code. To keep everything up to the latest standards, have your local electrician do a routine electrical inspection. This will ultimately keep your home safe from the possible dangers of electrical issues.

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