Lighting 101 – Examining The Costs Of Lighting Fixtures

landscape lightingLighting is a very important factor in every home. The amount of light you have in a particular room can set the mood and affect productivity as well. It’s very important to understand the value of proper lighting. When you come to think of it, proper lighting affects a lot of factors including anything from the look and feel of your home, landscape lighting, as well as energy consumption. In this article, we’ll focus on the costs associated with adding lighting fixtures to your home.

Always consult an electrician when adding lighting fixtures, wiring, or for electrical needs

Do bear in mind that installing lighting fixtures require tapping into your existing electrical wiring to create new connections. This includes adding the lighting fixtures themselves, preparing the wiring, and adding the switches for the lights. All of these services come at a cost. The fees for having recessed lighting generally vary. Depending on your location and your chosen electrical contractor, the fees to have lighting fixtures added into the whole interior of your home would cost around $760 to $1,105. Adding a few fixtures would cost less.

Using pre-existing wiring would significantly reduce the amount you have to pay. The average indicated above is meant for lighting fixture installation with new wiring. Before you decide to have your existing lighting fixtures replaced or add new ones, be sure to contact a residential electrician in Wilmington. This way you will be able to know the cheapest routes and the most sensible options.

Adding recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a popular option these days. Now only are they easy on the eyes, they provide lighting where it is needed. Traditional light bulbs fitted onto receptacles scatter light all over. However, recessed lighting focuses the light in a certain direction without emitting the same eye-straining glare that traditional lighting fixtures normally have. If you are planning on adding recessed lighting in your home, be prepared to spend an average of $965 per room. Of course, the total cost would depend greatly on the number of lights you would like to have installed.

Factors that influence the total cost

There are a number of factors that influence cost. The installation itself would already set you back a reasonable amount. This includes the services fees of the electricians that install them. Other factors include wiring, layout, and lighting fixtures themselves. All of these account for the overall cost. If you would like to save some money, be sure to consult an electrician first. Generally, a huge chunk of the costs would be from the electrician’s fees. Be sure that you discuss the plans to the electrician in detail. This would narrow down your options and end up with a complete layout for the lighting fixtures and the installation. A good rule of thumb is to only hire residential electricians. While your friendly jack-of-all-trades neighbor would be willing to help, a professional electrician offers better results.


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