How To Get Rid Of Buzzing Sounds From Fluorescent Lights

recessed lightingIf you’ve ever had fluorescent lights in your home before, it won’t be much of a surprise to see them flicker, hum, or buzz. Unlike the LED recessed lighting that are purely driven by electric circuits, fluorescent tubes use a ballast or transformer. Your residential electrician knows about this and what a ballast’s purpose and common problems. So why do fluorescent lights buzz? What causes the annoying noise that just doesn’t go away? We will tackle this problem and layout the solutions for this issue.

Lighting and electrical safety

To put an end to the constant buzzing of your fluorescent lights, you must first understand how these lights work. Fluorescent lights use a ballast or transformer to make it light up. This is no longer found in modern LED lights but older fluorescent lights need it to work. The fluorescent tube itself does not make any noise. It is merely the lighting element in the system, providing the illumination once it is turned on. The ballast, which operates at around 60 hertz, produces sounds that we would normally associate with something buzzing or humming. Under normal circumstances, the sound that the ballast produces is not loud enough to cause any annoyance. However, with a mix of problems, it becomes louder than usual, enough for humans to hear.

Ballast issues

One solution is to replace the tube and ballast entirely. Older magnetic ballasts are replaced with electronic ones that will eliminate any noise. However, electronic ballasts don’t accommodate older fluorescent tubes. The older tubes are bigger and will not fit with newer ballasts. Instead, T-8 lamps are used. If you switch to T-8 lamps, you will no longer hear any buzzing noises that you would with older units. Do enlist the help of an electrician when replacing old lighting fixtures with newer ones, particularly if you are not familiar with how electrical wirings work.

Starter problems

Another solution for the annoying buzzing sound that fluorescent lights produce is to replace the starter. Sometimes, the starter can be the cause of the whole problem. The starter is the small cylindrical plug that is sticking out from the ballast. When the starter is not attached or is not set in properly, the lamp will have a hard time starting and the ballast will make noises during which. To alleviate this problem, simply reseat the starter or replace it with a new one. Starters are pretty cheap to replace. It is suggested to try out a fresh start before making any replacements. It is a much cheaper option than replacing your ballast and fluorescent tube altogether. Again, it is important that any lighting fixture replacements be done by a licensed electrician in residential electrician in Wilmington. Aside from knowing what to do, they can make assessments on whether you have bad lighting or not.

Experts like Wilmington Electrician Pros can help you with any of your electrical concerns at home. Whether it’s lighting or your electrical wiring, electricians will be your best bet for solving any kind of electrical concern.

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