Quick Guide On Outdoor Electrical Wiring

electrical wiringOutdoor electrical wiring is quite similar to that of indoor electrical wiring. However, there are certain differences that keep the two apart. First of all, outdoor electrical wiring needs to be completely sealed and water-proof. Without weather resistance and waterproofing, electrical connections will not be suitable for use outdoors. Also, the installation requires additional means compared to that of the indoor wiring installation. This article will be highlighting the different considerations to make when planning on adding outdoor electrical items.

What you need to know about outdoor wiring

You can find different types of outdoor electrical applications. Landscape lighting, for instance, is a popular addition that requires outdoor wiring. As for outdoor lighting, there are also different ways on how to power the lights. However, only a professional electrician or a skilled handyman can handle the wiring installation. Do note that wiring electrical components inside the house is different than wiring electronics outdoors. Wiring inside a house does not necessarily require waterproofing and other safety measures. Outdoor wiring, on the other hand, will require much more work and preparation. This is why an electrician must be the only one to perform such tasks.

Adding outdoor wiring near the home

As for installing wiring near the house, there are two ways on how to get electricity. If there are only lights are to be powered, the wiring could attach directly to an existing circuit inside the house. However, if lights and other electrical devices will use electricity, the wiring needs to have its own independent circuit that connects to the mains panel. This is to avoid possible overloads and other electrical hazards. Again, only a professional electrician Wilmington should perform the process of installing electrical wiring outdoors.

Installing wiring away from the house

In case you are planning to add an electrical connection to an outdoor living space or a shed, you need to have a dedicated circuit that can accommodate various electrical loads. This is to ensure that any appliance or lighting will be powered sufficiently without any problems. There needs to be underground wiring from the house leading to the desired area. This is where an electrician is particularly important. Local building codes must be followed and the electrical standard must be followed. If you draw a blank, talk to a professional like WHS Electricians LLC.

Wireless outdoor lighting

Nowadays, solar power is becoming more popular since the government and other bodies are promoting green energy. Solar systems are also becoming more affordable. A full-scale solar panel setup may cost a few thousand dollars to build but it will provide sufficient electricity for various applications. As for outdoor lighting, an array of solar panels will not be needed. There are smaller battery-operated outdoor lights that recharge automatically via solar energy. These can be installed fairly easily outdoors. To do so, follow the manual or talk to the lighting manufacturer for more details.

Are you planning on adding lighting or any other wiring applications outdoors? Call WHS Electricians today to get your setup powered up the right way. You may reach us at (910) 408-5448.

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