Proper Ways Of Maintaining An Electric Fireplace

electricianTraditional fireplaces were built to create heat inside a home to keep everyone cozy during cold months. However, wood-burning fireplaces came with a number of drawbacks that make it an unlikely choice nowadays. Newer, electric-powered fireplaces, on the other hand, are far less intrusive while providing the same heat capacity. However, proper maintenance must be done in order to keep them in working order. It is advised to hire an electrician to maintain electric fireplaces. But of course, you can always do it on your own. This article will let you in on how to do just that.

Here’s how you can maintain your own electric fireplace

Replacing the lightbulb – as you may have already known, electric fireplaces don’t really produce any real flames. Instead, this system uses a heating element and fans to blow the heat around. LED lightbulbs are used to light up a pattern that resembles an actual burning wood. The lightbulbs don’t play any important role in the heat generation but rather for the aesthetic appeal. Of course, an electric fireplace wouldn’t look as good if it wasn’t lit. Replacing the lightbulb is not that difficult, unless you have the user manual with you. If you can’t find the user manual, you could always download one from the manufacturer’s website. A much better option would be to hire a Wilmington electrician to do the work for you.

Maintaining the exterior – if you don’t want to fiddle around with the electronics in your electric fireplace, you can always clean the exterior. Doing so is more of a visual cleanup since you will only be dusting the unit, ridding it of any dirt. Be careful when cleaning, though. Make sure that it is not plugged in. Some appliance circuits retain residual electricity even when disconnected from the power source. Unplug the connection, wait a few minutes, and proceed with cleaning.

Cleaning the fan – there’s a fan that circulates the heat generated by the heating element. The fan is pre-lubricated before leaving the factory. However, it will require cleaning. Dust, lint, and other hair fibers will be caught on the fan blades. The collected dirt can be removed through vacuuming using nozzle attachments.

Maintenance of electric fireplaces must be done by an electrician like WHS Electricians LLC. This is to ensure that all components or issues must be taken care of properly. There are certain components that might not be that user-friendly to operate, maintain, or dismantle. Always make sure that the unit must be unplugged before doing anything to it. Without proper safety precautions, a simple maintenance could go very wrong. Be sure that you are knowledgeable enough to handle such work. Although generic models of electric fireplaces aren’t that complicated to take apart, some are more elaborate and intricate. It is always a good idea to leave any repairs, upgrades, or maintenance to a residential electrician.

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