Reasons To Get An Electric Fireplace

electrician in WilmingtonWhen it comes to fireplaces people tend to think about the traditional setup of wood burning. However, with advances in technology and measures to eliminate fire hazards, the fireplace you know has gone electric. What is the advantage of getting an electric fireplace? Is it any better? In general, an electric fireplace is a lot safer than your traditional soot-generating fireplace. Your local electrician in Wilmington would tell you just how safe you are with an electric fireplace.

Always make electrical safety the top priority

  1. Electric fireplaces don’t produce smoke – the most apparent thing is the absence of smoke. Despite being called a fireplace, there isn’t any fire or smoke with an electric fireplace. The heat is totally generated by heating elements instead of burning wood like in traditional fireplaces. There also isn’t any soot, ash, or flying pieces of ember that can burn a hole through your carpet. Electric fireplaces don’t produce smoke, thus eliminating the smoke smell and all the other nasty side effects that it carry.
  1. Energy efficiency – burning wood for heat is downright wasteful and bad for the environment. The only way a wood-burning fireplace would make sense in this day and age is if you are living off-grid and wood is the only source of heat. Nowadays, electric fireplaces come equipped with the latest energy-saving technology. You don’t have to worry about major spikes on your energy bill if you use one.
  1. Money-saving features – if you plan on building a chimney for your fireplace or have a gas fireplace installed, get ready to spend anywhere from $2,500-10,00 and that doesn’t even cover the costs for maintenance. On the other hand, electric fireplaces cost an average of $200-800. That’s a far cry from what you would need to get a traditional fireplace installed.
  1. You can use it anywhere – if you had a traditional fireplace, you would understand that you need to be near the fireplace for warmth. This limits the number of things you can do while keeping warm. On the other hand, electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere since it does not generate smoke and use fire to produce heat.
  1. Easy installation – the installation is rather easy. You can just ring up your local residential electrician to have it installed. It normally would not take a day to have it installed since there are no major components that would require lengthy installations.
  1. Plenty of options to choose from – nowadays, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs. Electric fireplaces come in a range of designs, anything from retro to modern concepts. You really can’t run out of options.
  1. Improved safety – an electric furnace is unlikely to be a fire hazard when used in the right conditions. It is generally safe to use. You also don’t have to worry about electrical safety since these devices are rated safe and are tested prior to releasing them in the market.

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