Electrician Tips – Protecting Appliances From Power Outages

appliance circuitsEven with today’s standards, power outages remain possible. In the summer, where demand for electricity is high, the chances of power outages are raised quite a bit. But what does all of this have to do with your home? Is it something bad? Is there something that homeowners need to know? First of all, power outages and appliance circuits don’t go along quite well.

What’s the deal with power outages and appliances?

While a blackout in your area may not do any harm to your appliances, the following events just might. When the power goes out, all electrical appliances stop working with the exception of those that have backup power. However, for the most part, the issue arises when the power goes back on. When the electricity comes back, there’s a high possibility that a power surge can fry the Wilmington appliance circuits, causing them to fail.

This is why you could often hear people advising others to unplug all appliances when the power goes out. While this may hold true, it isn’t applicable all of the time. Smaller electrical gadgets like printers and laptop computers aren’t affected by power surges. This is due to the built-in power surge protectors that you could often see connected with their power adaptors. However, not all electrical appliances come with such safety features. That’s why it is important to consult your electrician about whole-house surge protection.

The negative effects of power surges can be averted by unplugging appliances, so why bother with surge protection?

While unplugging your appliances can completely negate the effects of power surges, you can’t predict when the next power outage will be. That’s why it is best to have whole-house surge protection. Having the right kind of surge protection is especially important when you have larger appliances. Unplugging large appliances is good but it doesn’t have to be so all the time.

Here’s what you can do to minimize damage to your appliances during power outages

Don’t unplug larger appliances – smaller appliances can be easy to unplug. Larger appliances, on the other hand, don’t always offer the convenience of easy plug disconnection. It’s best to leave them plugged in especially if they are fairly new models since it is likely that they have some sort of built-in surge protection.

Be careful with using generators – while portable generators offer convenience in times of electrical outages, they don’t always provide the electricity that’s compatible with most appliances. Generators create what’s called harmonic distortion. This is bad for most appliances since it does not provide the same type of electrical output that you get from your electrical outlet.

Hire an electrician – before you install any major electrical appliances, hire WHS Electricians LLC. An electrical contractor will be able to tell you what needs to be done such as adding extra wiring.

Don’t let power surges ruin your electrical appliances. Call WHS Electricians LLC today to get the right advice and services. You may reach us at (910) 408-5448.

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