Top Lighting Ideas For The Holidays

Wilmington residential electricianThe holidays won’t be as jolly if there weren’t any lighting meant for the occasion. However, are you fed up with the same old lighting designs each year? Are you looking for fresh ideas that would wow your neighbors? This article is basically about that. Here are some of the hottest lighting ideas for this upcoming holidays. Don’t forget to contact your local Wilmington residential electrician for assistance because you will be needing it.

Always hire an electrician if your lighting project requires adding new wiring

  1. Holiday light projector – if you’re just tired of Christmas lights or fairy lights, you should get something new. While projector lights aren’t a new thing, they sure can make a difference in terms of theme and design. It’s not the kind of holiday lighting that you just hang and plug into the wall outlet. Holiday light projectors are movable, making them easy to reposition and much simpler to maneuver.
  1. Holiday string and net lights – there’s simply nothing wrong with going the classical route. String and net lights are still part of the holiday tradition. However, it’s the placement of these lights that make the difference. No matter how many light you use, if you’re not using them efficiently and in an alluring manner, you won’t be wowing anyone.
  1. Solar holiday lights – tired and scared of wiring your lights each holiday? There’s a solution for you. Nowadays, solar lighting is all the rage and that also includes solar power holiday lighting. It’s these types of lighting that’s best for your landscape. You can simply leave them outside all day and they would just come to life in the night without you having to plug them in. it’s the perfect landscape lighting since it’s hassle-free.
  1. Front door holiday lights – no holiday lighting would be complete without adding a few touches to your doors. Of course, you would want your guests to be amazed by your lighting setup when they visit. And of course, the first place you will want to focus your lighting on is at your door. You may also add some recessed lighting at your front door if you don’t have any yet. Recessed lights are great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  1. Holiday lawn light décor – got a big lawn? It’s one of the best places where you can showcase your creativity this coming holiday season. You can easily fill your lawn with holiday lighting. It’s also one of those DIY projects that easily pays off when your neighbors and guests tell you how awesome your lighting is.

It’s great to implement those lighting ideas for the holidays. However, not everyone is a DIY enthusiast. With that being said, it would be best to have an electrician install all your lighting for you. This goes especially if your desired lighting requires adding new wiring into your existing wiring system. Expert assistance is the safer option and would ensure that you will have a great holiday.

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