Different Types Of Electricians And What They Do

residential electrician in WilmingtonElectricians are trained craftsmen who established themselves in the art of dealing with electrical components of houses, buildings, and more. However, do you know that there is more than just one type of electrician? An electrician is basically a general label to this profession and a residential electrician in Wilmington is one specification of the particular term. Check out the rest of this article to know more about electricians, what they do, and where it all applies.

There’s more to the profession of being an electrician than meets the eye

Residential electricians – the person that you first think of when you have electrical problems at home is your friendly neighborhood residential electrician. These folks are responsible for repairing, upgrading, and maintaining electrical systems in houses, apartments, and outdoor areas. These professionals go through at least a four-year apprenticeship that is supervised by an experienced electrician. The applicant then goes on to complete a state test to become a full-fledged residential electrician.

Commercial electricians – your everyday commercial electrician isn’t seen doing wiring setups in homes but in business or industrial sectors. Commercial electricians are basically the same as residential electricians with the difference of them being in a different setting, primarily involved in commercial spaces.

Apprentice electricians – if you think it’s easy to become an apprentice electrician, think again. It takes years of strict schooling to advance from an apprentice into a licensed electrician. These apprentice electricians need to spend anywhere from around three to six years observing the standard code and practices in the industry.

Journeymen electricians – these type of electricians are similar to commercial electricians. However, the jobs that journeymen electricians undertake are far bigger. They normally deal with major lighting and power systems in commercial sectors. Their jobs also include installing overhead power lines to installing communication systems for homes, factories, and in the business sector.

Master electricians – these electricians are highly skilled in their craft, taking on the helm in electrical projects in both home and industrial applications.  Master electricians are normally hired for their skills and their ability to manage large-scale projects that require sheer skill and determination. Most master electricians earn their title after having an experience of seven years in the industry or a university degree in electrical engineering.

In general, electricians are professionals that know what they are doing. The next time you run into a problem with your electrical panels at home, don’t hesitate to call a licensed residential electrician to your home. They will know what to do. With this in mind, it is important to note that when you hire an electrician, it should be one that has a license. An electrician that has a license typically means this professional has gone through rigorous training and has enough experience to deal with just about any kind of electrical concern you have at home. Never hire shady electricians that could not provide you with a license or certificates that prove their training and experience.

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